Can i sue a car rental place?

Suing a rental car company If the negligence of a rental car company caused a car accident, regardless of your insurance status, you can sue the rental car company in a personal injury lawsuit to collect damages not paid by your own insurance company, in exceptional cases. If you're involved in a rental car accident, you can't just sue the rental agency. If you were driving the rental car or if you were hit by a rented car, you likely only have the ability to take action against the other party directly involved. However, you can sue the rental company if it failed to meet its obligations in accordance with the rules and laws.

For example, if Avis allows a teen to rent a car and that teen crashes, the rental company may be held partially responsible for the damage. The company knew that people were younger than the required age and still rented the vehicle. You should also know that prospective tenants must have valid insurance and a valid driver's license in order to rent. If a driver comes to Avis without proof of insurance, they cannot be allowed to drive a rental car.

The same can be said for a person who does not have a driver's license or whose license has expired. It will be considered a violation if Avis allows the person to rent the vehicle, and Avis can be held partially responsible if an accident occurs. In addition, Avis must properly and properly inspect all of its vehicles before letting them hit the road. Vehicles may have problems that the driver did not mention or was unaware of; over time, some degenerative damage or wear may occur, and brakes or tires may fail and the engine may start to have problems.

However, Avis often returns these vehicles to the road without proper inspections, especially if they are particularly busy and need to have vehicles available to customers. In such cases, Avis may be held responsible for accidents and subsequent damages. If you want to take legal action, you can call an attorney at (85) 339-8879 to sue the rental car agency Avis for compensation for an accident. Avis rental includes insurance that provides coverage even if rental vehicles are involved in accidents while being used during shared trips with Uber or for food delivery through UberEATS.

However, these rental car accidents can cause victims to be confused and not know what to do, since they may not know the procedure for processing a lawsuit against a company of this type. If a negligent driver injures you in an accident involving a rental car, whether it's you or the other motorist driving the rental, discuss your case and your legal options as soon as possible with an experienced Evansville personal injury lawyer. Every year, there are more than 6 million car accidents; a small number of those accidents occur with vehicles rented by people who temporarily need alternative vehicles. The rental company has a duty not to provide rental vehicles to people who do not meet their requirements.

Fortunately, you can talk to a rental car accident lawyer at Downtown LA Law Group if you were injured in a rental car accident. If you drive a rental car and an accident occurs, if the other driver was negligent and is held responsible, that driver's insurance company must pay for the damages to the rental car as well as their own personal injuries. Then, you should take photographs of the injuries you suffered, the damage to the rented car and another vehicle, the scene of the accident, and more to prove your story. At the scene of the accident, handle an accident involving a rental car just as you would with any other traffic collision.

When you have such a policy and your rental car meets the policy's definition of “substitute vehicle”, the car is covered when you rent it and drive it as if it were your own. The associations between these ride-sharing and delivery services and car rental companies are similar to those described above. .

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